Rules and Procedures for Open Collaboration


Values and Purpose

This set of Rules and tools aim to enable open collaboration in the most fair way, in order to encourage contributions and be able to openly visualize the value added,  and to find the most fair recompensation for it. 

Open Collaboration may be inefficient and unfair, but is the only way  to gather and unite forces in order to improve common targets. To solve these issues we propose the followings mechanisms :

1) enable members to define concrete community goals, 2) provide a working space that ensures that each collaboration effort adds concrete value for the community, (all contributions become connected) 3) Openly tracking the achievements in the community goals and  4) facilitate to look for ¨the most fair recognition¨ in a  transparent and open agreement, to those working for the community goals.

In other words, this Rules allows to visualize openly the contributions and those who capture the added value.

Under this criteria it may be possible to have producers, consumers, (people), retailers and government working to collectively improve the social, economic and ecosystem targets that strive for common wellbeing. 


New Governance Members

Anyone who has collaborated performing a specific task has access to voting power, and therefore is part of the governing team

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Working Procedures

All tasks that  collaborate to improve a community target is structured, approved and monitored

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Distribution of Power for Voting

We give more voting power to those who collaborate more, with clear limits on maximum power

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Return of Investment

We aim to give the most fair recognition to those who collaborate. If we can not pay ¨today¨, we hope to increase the payment in the future.

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